Episode 007: Writer Matt Love Finds a Love Note on the Beach

This episode of the Letters from Life podcast features Matt Love, a writer and high school teacher from Astoria, Oregon.

Matt found a lost love note of sorts one morning while walking his dog along the beach. He wrote a column about it in the Oregon Coast Today and I knew I just had to bring him on the podcast. Thankfully, he obliged! Matt and I chatted about the importance of handwritten sentiments, the beauty of keeping some things old fashioned, his writings about Oregon, and some other love letters he is hanging on to.

You can find the original column that came up on my google alert here. 

You can find the article "Return to Saddle Mountain" here. 

You can find Matt's published works and how to connect on social media here. 

We want to know what you thought about the letter and conversation! What questions did you have about the letter Matt found on the beach? Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming episode.

If you would like to share a letter on a future episode of the Letters from Life podcast, email lettersfromlife@classiccursive.com!

 Matt's husky, Sonny, on the beach. 

Matt's husky, Sonny, on the beach.