Episode 012: Our Mystery Has Been Solved!

Well, faithful podcast listeners, I asked for Nancy Drews and you all delivered! 

Thanks to two very dedicated and sleuthy individuals, the subjects of the mystery letter shared in episode 10 have been located! On today's episode, host Libby Reilly chats with Brandy O'Neill of Nutmeg Nanny and Kristen Doyle of Dine & Dish to break down every step of the path to solving the mystery and where we are now. 

You don't want to miss this exciting episode to hear how we bordered creepy in order to reach the end of this search.

You can connect with Brandy on her website, Instagram, twitter, and Facebook
You can connect with Kristen on her website, instagram, twitter, and Facebook. You can also read the blog post she mentions about never writing her husband a love letter. 

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