Episode 010: A Mystery of Letter Proportion

In this episode of the Letters from Life podcast, host Libby Reilly shares a mystery letter that was given to her. The letter was found on a college campus in the early 2000s but the sender and receiver have never been located. 

It was written in Birmingham, Alabama circa 1958. The sender shares his love, a few quips, and plans of his career with the Navy. No date, simple, lacking addresses, and a whole lot of great content.

Will you help us solve this mystery and find the subjects of this letter? Share it with your friends to get the momentum going. You never know what information or ties to this letter may be hiding in your social circle. 

Also, we want to know what you think! Let us know in the comments what story you began molding in your head about Richard and Nancy. What questions do you have for them? 

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Special thanks to Taryn, Julianne, and Mark Reilly for research and handwriting analysis!