We offer free consultations and customized projects for your unique needs.

Whether you need updated web or print copy for your business, a document or manuscript proofread or copyedited, a press release or biography created, or you are looking for a ghost writer for your blog or book, Classic Cursive can help. We offer customized services and free consultations to ensure we are delivering exactly what you need and will apply knowledge, skill, and creativity to each project.

Public Relations

We help create your voice as you approach press conferences and other speaking engagements, create and distribute press materials, identify and train your company spokesperson, or conduct speaking engagements on your behalf. Public relations is all about building relationships and understanding effective communication, things you will become an expert in with the help of Classic Cursive.

Voice Over

Classic Cursive is pleased to offer our clients the best voice over work with professional production, quick turn-around times, and the most competitive prices you can find.

We would love to hear about your project or idea! Email voiceovers@classiccursive.com for more detailed information.


  • Most writing projects are $40/hour
  • Most social media management is $250/month
  • Most voice over work is $100/produced minute

We strive to provide quality work at unmatched prices. Contact us for a more comprehensive look at your project and a personalized quote! libby@classiccursive.com


Other services offered with special consideration: 

Etiquette Seminars

Do you have a small group who would like a hands-on lesson on the history and modern uses of etiquette rules and practices? We offer personalized and interactive etiquette seminars in both small and large settings, which can be performed at a meal for dining etiquette, or in a meeting setting for job, interview, and other forms of necessary etiquette. The lessons are conversational and informative, only providing relevant lessons that are applicable in many scenarios, ensuring attendees that they can confidently approach any situation with manner and poise. 

Crisis Communication

With crisis communication, we plan for the worst but hope for the best. When developing a crisis communication plan with Classic Cursive, you can be assured that you and your staff will be equipped to handle any situation with grace, timeliness, and professionalism.

Social Media Management

You are the expert on your business but in order to grow that business, you have to build a successful presence where your audience is: online. Classic Cursive will help build your brand, populate your pages, create ongoing campaigns, and allow you to focus on what matters. We will work with you to put together appropriate content, contests, sweepstakes, and other means to grow a valuable audience. We will also provide you with the detailed analytical information that explains what is working and who you are reaching.