New England is for Home Owners

When my husband and I moved to Rhode Island, we sold the home where our marriage began in Southern Alabama and drove miles and miles to a whole new world in the Northeast. Since his new job covers a fairly large area, we decided it would be wise to rent for a while in Rhode Island while we explored the area and decided where it would be best to settle down.

That time came sooner rather than later and we are excited to now be two weeks in our lovely new abode. One caveat: we bought a house in...wait for it... Massachusetts!

(Hence the blog name change! This Southern Belle's road continued on a few miles over state lines.)

Thanks in huge part to Kristy Oliveira of Remax for helping
 us get into our meant-to-be home!

We are so excited to settle into this beautiful home and create many wonderful memories over the next several years.

Naturally, we traded our southern chalet for a beautifully classic New England Colonial and we couldn't feel more blessed and right at home!

It wasn't the easiest journey getting here but everything fell into place perfectly in the end. While we looked at many houses, this one immediately felt like ours. The only problem: the day we were shown the house for the first time (just a few days fresh on the market) there was already another offer on the table. The always-thoughtful and rational Reillys then made one of their only "rash" decisions and put an offer in that night (along with a letter to the owners- if you know me at all, you aren't surprised!). Our offer wasn't accepted; however, something inside me told me it wasn't over. A week later, our realtor-turned-friend, Kristy, gave me the call I somehow knew, or at least hoped, was coming: the other offer fell through and we could put another offer in. It truly was meant to be, perfectly orchestrated every step of the way.

Stay tuned as we make memories, decorate, get festive, and continue my journey of learning (and learning to love) the New England way of life.

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